November 12, 2014 Gardening No Comments

Have you ever thought about starting your very own vegetable or herb garden? If so, then you have probably wondered which plant options are the best ones to choose from. Just like any hobby, there are beginner, as well as more advanced options. You need to make sure that you choose hardy edible plants if you are just getting started. This will enable you to gain useful experience without wasting money in the process. The more experience you gain, the better you will become at growing your own edible plants. Here are some of the best garden choices, as well as some of the ones to avoid, if you are just starting out.

Tomatoes and peppers are some of the hardiest plant choices for beginners. Both plants are tolerant of dry weather or poor watering habits. Some of them are able to recover nicely if you over water or over fertilize them. These plants allow you to gain confidence as you see the fruits of your labor take shape. Tomato plants come in many varieties. Some are bush tomatoes, and they stay small. Cherry tomatoes often grow on these plants, and they are used for gourmet salads. Peppers are great summertime plants because they prefer dry environments.

However, you must be careful with the choices you make in regard to your garden. One of the tougher things to grow, is the watermelon. Some people will disagree, but consider the fact that you must tend to them often. They require watering, even if they are outside. Many watermelons rot if they are not turned. They gain a yellow-brown color on one side if left on one side for too long. If you do choose to grow watermelons, then make sure that you have a nice irrigation system in place.

Another tough choice is lettuce and cabbage. Both of these plants are great for salads and garnishments, but they do not grow in hot or mild weather. You must grow them indoors, and replicate their natural environment, unless you live in a cooler area of the world. They also tend to go bad quickly once picked. Only grow enough of it to use. Otherwise, you will have plenty of lettuce on your hands, and no way to use it before it goes to waste.

Green beans are certainly a great choice for beginners, and they are interesting to grow as well. These plants have long vines which wrap around fence posts and other structures. This makes them perfect for places with limited space. Choose your edible plants wisely so that you can get the most bang for your buck. This will allow you to share what you grow with all of your friends.

Written by Plant Cultures