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If you choose to grow your own herbs and vegetables, then you need to decide where to start your garden. The decision to grow them indoors or outdoors, depends on a number of factors. Many people choose to start growing herbs and plants outdoors because they need the space. Larger plants, such as corn or watermelons, need space in order to thrive. However, smaller herbs and plants are often grown indoors. Indoor grows require proper lighting and ventilation, but they are the best choice for people who wish to control their growing environments.

Control over the growing environment is the number one reason why people choose this method over outdoor grows. For example, lighting can be controlled according to the needs of your specific plant. Timers are placed on lighting systems to maximize plant growing potential. The same type of control is exerted over watering and fertilization. A water schedule prevents the plants from drowning or washing away. When plants are grown outside, they are exposed to the elements, and a huge downpour could kill the plants. Issues relating disease and nutrition can be diagnosed much easier with indoor grows as well.

Another positive aspect of indoor grows, is that they are protected from predators. All outdoor gardens, regardless of whether they are primarily herb or vegetable gardens, succumb to some form of predation at some point. Some of the most docile animals become enemies to young plants because they savor the plants during their early stages of life. Deer and rabbits wreak havoc on young plants. They eat the small chutes before they get a chance to flourish. Plant-eating insects like caterpillars cause problems as well, so moving your grow indoors is a great option.

The level of control that you get to experience with an indoor grow is valuable. You can choose the size of your plants according to several variables. For starters, you can choose the size of pot for your plants, according to how large you would like them to become. This should be based upon the amount of room you have within your indoor grow room. Additionally, and indoor environment allows you to cross-pollinate to create new hybrids of vegetables and herbs. Most growers experience the most success with cross-pollinating tomatoes and peppers. Some of the most popular tomato plants have exotic colors and sizes due to cross-pollination tactics.

Perhaps most importantly, you can conduct indoor grows during any time of the year. This means that people who enjoy growing their own plants can do so in the winter months as well. This is important, especially if home growing is the primary way for you to get your fruits and vegetables. An indoor grow can take place right within the home, or within a greenhouse. Young plants will not be exposed to potential frost damage, or to intense heat caused by the sun. Consider these factors, and you will have the potential to create an excellent home garden right within your home.

Written by Plant Cultures